Sword Art


There‘s coming a fascination from the sword which goes back to the ancient times. For all SWORD ART enthusiasts is the academy offering group courses, seminars, workshops and personal coachings.

To wield a sword will be often compared to wielding a feather. Both needs great physical and mental skills, the power of concentration, litheness, accuracy, control and courage. For sword art it‘s important to establish harmony between body and mind.

We distinguish between single-edged swords like SABERS, ARABIC SCIMITAR, CHINESE DAO, MACHETES or JAPANESE KATANA and double edged swords like the CHINESE SWORD JIAN, the ROMAN GLADIUS, KRIS or the European swords. As well as swords which will be wield one handed or both handed.

Sword Art is harmony in movements. It‘s a perfect training for body and mind including a lot of fun. The Wu-Te Academy offers courses for adults, children, women and seniors.

If you have questions about sword art feel free to ask our employees - visit us or contact us through our online contact form.

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