Kick Boxing

At our academy we offer KICKBOXING. The mix of japanese KARATE and the chinese SAN SHOU came to life in the 70s.

San Shou contains lot of aspects of chinese defense and martial art elements as well as elements of other combat systems.

Kickboxing is good for your STAMINA, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and COORDINATION. Reduces stress and aggressions. Benefit from this fascinating martial art. It‘s an effective training for your body and mind.

It trains reflexes, is good for your concentration and strengthens the cardiovascular system. You train with boxing gloves and shin guards.

We are not holding competitions at our academy nor do we for them. Our focus is on PHYSTICAL FITNESS, the WORKOUT and to REDUCE STRESS.

We offer kickboxing in group courses, seminars, workshops and personal trainings. Whether for adults, children, women or seniors - the asian martial art can help you in a lot of life situations.

If you have any questions about Kickboxing feel free to call or contact us. You'll get more information at our Online Learning Page.


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